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Back to God, Muslims!

December 9, 2020

The Knot of all Problems

What Muslims need today is a fresh divine cry to call upon them: `Back to God, Muslims everywhere’ – A fresh divine light, pure and clear, rising from the depth of a sincere heart. High sounding words, argumentative debates, huge demonstrations, pompous processions and thundering slogans are absolutely ineffective as far as real constructive work is concerned. They do more harm than good. We have practised them enough already. The magical effect they are supposed to exercise is nothing more than our own temporary delusions.

There is yet another proof, and a palpable one, of the barrenness of all unbiased efforts. Our solution lies elsewhere. It lies on the basis of social life itself. The disease that humanity suffers from is nursed within the heart and mind of man himself. The knot of all problems of man is this; God is neither realized in the minds nor in the hearts, nor conscientiously striven for in acts.

Such a knot cannot be untied but with belief, true belief that can conquer the self of man and thus sweep the whole earth. Every other sort of effort is more a mirage, a delusion, persistently deceiving humanity, misguiding innocents, and cheating the very aspirations and dignity of man. Two terrible wars in no more than twenty years, and the third . . . the awful third knocking at the door. Are they not sufficient to prove the folly of the leading powers and to stir up the true soldiers of God on this earth to lend suffering humanity a hand, that can offer it the divine elixir of life free from darkness, shallowness and debasement?

Remember the Prophet

Yet, such a life and light did come to illuminate the life of man when the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, started his jihad. Imagine the surroundings of the Prophet. The power of Rome on the left and the power of Persia on the right, and the scattered Arab tribes absolutely ignorant and passionately devoted to the darkness they had inherited from the past.

His task was to captain the whole earth with the Divine Message revealed to him. It was a very heavy task indeed. How to face circumstances so dark as these and assert the beauty and Truth of a message in direct conflict with their understanding and with the very foundations of their life and conventions?

It was not a revolution against a throne or a state for establishing his own supremacy. No, it was a revolution against the mean qualities and evil tendencies ingrained in all hearts and minds. It was a revolution against the temper of selfishness and the spirit of materialism which soils the glory of life.

When he succeeded in being the symbol of his revolution and to have a firm faith, and an unquenchable love for Truth, he could illuminate all his surroundings in a few years. He could draw out from Abu Bakr, a humble trader in Makkah, the Governor who sent eleven armies in one day to defend the poor when some of the rich refused to pay zakah; and remarkably enough this has been the only occasion in history when a Government stood by the poor against the aggressive capitalists with such a firm resolve.

From Umar Ibn al-Khattab, a man who before Islam used to prostrate himself before an idol of dates and then to eat them, the Prophet of Islam could bring out `Umar who has been characterised by the enemies of Islam as the man who never committed a fault. ‘Amr ibn al-As, a humble butcher in Makkah before Islam, could turn out to be the Conqueror of Egypt.

Such was the revolution of Muhammad, peace be upon him, which converted the desert into a lusty garden of human giants. It was very soon, therefore, that the Romans and Persians were compelled to bow before these divine rebels, fired with Truth and fighting with an unconquerable sword. When your heart turns to God, He never gives you up.

When Heaven is your aim, nothing can turn you back. You become irresistible in your spirit and no amount of clay can conquer you. Yes, dear brother and sister, it is a matter of quality and quantity. The small lamp in your room defeats a large amount of darkness. That is why God’s constant advice to his Apostle was continuously to remind himself of the Truth he was holding and serving: So put thy trust in God; for you are on the path of manifest truth (27: 79). So hold fast to the Revelation sent down to you, verily you are on the straight path (43: 43).

The hope that never could be conquered in any trouble or crisis was always shining through such injunctions:

That is because God is Truth, and because whatever else they invoke beside Him is falsehood, and because He is The Most High, and The Most Exalted (22: 62).

That was our Prophet, peace be upon him, and that was his message for which he offered his whole life without one day’s rest or one minute’s despair. He died after completing his mission and left for us a sacred inheritance. On the Day of Judgement we shall be asked to render an account of the way we used or abused this sacred inheritance. Are we prepared for the day when God shall say: And stop them, for they must be questioned (37: 24).

How long shall we allow this heritage to suffer an eclipse through our perpetual laziness, and disgraceful preoccupation with earthly lust?

`Back to God, Muslims!’

Earlier we indicated that what the Muslims need today is a fresh Divine cry: `Back to God, Muslims everywhere.’ Such a cry in this materialistic age will most assuredly be as effective as it was more than 14 centuries ago, when our dear Prophet, peace be on him, cried in Makkah:

Therefore, flee, unto God; I am a plain warner unto you from Him. And set not any other god along with God. I am a plain warner unto you from Him (51: 50-51).

If such a cry was strange then, it shall appear to be strange now. God says:

God has promised such as you as believe and work righteously that He will surely make them to succeed [the present rulers] in the earth even as He caused those who were before them to succeed [others] and that He will surely establish for them their religion which He has approved for them, and that He will give them in exchange safety after their fear (24: 55).

God’s promise is clear, and God does not hold out false promises. If we believe the Qur’an, then let us try. Let us begin with ourselves and call upon others to adopt the faith and act according to its behests most sincerely and honestly. Let us submit to the commands of God and God most assuredly will fulfil His part of the promise. It may be a heavy task but is it not worthy of its performance? God says:

Who is better in speech than one who calls men to God, acts righteously and says: `I am of those who surrender [unto Him]’ (41: 33).