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5.7 Delegation scenarios

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5.7 Delegation scenarios

May 21, 2020

Delegation Scenarios

Although treasurer of the Dar es Salaam Masjid Riad had never been involved in any rent collection or any rental related activity when he had asked for guidance i had indicated that I was really out of town and that our student renters were always punctual with paying their rent. When Riad urged me to consider this possibility, I brushed his request aside saying, don’t worry so much. God willing, I will always be present to handle any rent related situation. If I should ever be out of town, just rely on your gut feeling.

I am performing haj my first after working so hard for many years. Before I left for Makkah, I convene to hold board of trustees of the Masjid and went over the tasks that would need to be performed during my absence. Riyad was appointed as acting president and was to perform all activities that I usually do. He accepted his new responsibilities enthusiastically. During my absence, the Masjid functioned flawlessly. After my return, I consulted with the board of trustees under membership and decided to create a new position the vice president. Soon God willing, Riad will be moved into this position. In this manner I can spend less time on rental collection, and more time on key outreach activities for the mosque.