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Salam Welcome to TYLP

If you've just joined TYLP. We recommend that you start with these courses. With the optional Mentoring course. If you want to become a mentor.

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Course 1: Changing Yourself

This course begins with you. Helping you understand yourself better. And aims to help you find your purpose. You will find exercises, tools and recourses that will help answer important personal life questions.

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Course 2: Changing The World

This course takes you on a practical journey. On how to plan and setup your project. It provides you with powerful tools that you can use to really understand the problems you want to solve. And how you can solve them yourself or with a team.

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Course 3: Plan To Action

This course is about executing the plan you created in the course, 'Changing the World'. We give you a project management framework. That aims at getting you to reach the goals that you set.

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Course 4: Mentoring

If you ever wanted to empower others. And help people reach their goals. Then you should consider becoming a TYLP mentor. Where you'll learn how to guide people to reach their full potential.

Why You Should Start With These Courses

These three are aimed at getting you from idea to action. In the fastest and most effective way. 

Whether you’re working on a single project or for a non-profit organisation. These courses will help you drive and succeed in your goals.