Spring Retreat
20th – 23rd May 2022
Brothers & Sisters Welcome

The Premarital Retreat​

Want to know what makes a marriage last? Attend the Premarital Retreat This May.

Facilitated by International Keynote Speaker Maryam Lemu, founder of The Marriage Academy

Count Every Second Until The Retreat Starts


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Who’s Speaking?

Maryam Lemu

Maryam Lemu

Founder of The Marriage Academy

Discover the secrets to a happy marriage with International speaker Maryam Lemu

“The Premarital Retreat will insha Allah give you a detailed guide to hopefully getting it right.  If you are single, have never been married, or are divorced then definitely this retreat is for you.  Married couples can also take this course to add to what they are currently doing.  I shall share the good, the bad and the ugly truths about marriages. The mistakes I made, the best things I learned and the most brilliant things we did to make for the beautiful relationship we have shared for over 30 years.”

– Maryam Lemu, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Marriage Counsellor

Find the right partner for a happy marriage

You can achieve a lot in your life, but finding the right person to marry is crucial. The Premarital Retreat will give you the tools to find your perfect match and lay a foundation for an enduring marital relationship.

Have a happy and fulfilling marriage

What makes marriages work and that last forever? Why does a marriage fail? 3 things that you can do to make your marriage successful.

A Guide to a Successful marriage Workbook

With so many marriage books out there, it's hard to know where to start. So we made one for you. This workbook will give you practical tips and tricks to make your marriage successful. It's time for you to finally get the love and life you deserve.

Our Reviews

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My favourite part of the retreats are the workshops and the workbooks

Dean Ali Civil Servant

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I’ve just returned from a life changing retreat…

Aisha Davies Graduate, Trainee Life Coach & Mother of 2 

Aisha Davies (Attendee from our first retreat)@where_the_daffodils_grow
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I've just returned from what I consider to be a life-changing bank holiday retreat with TYLP!

I've been to many retreats over the years but I haven't been to a retreat like it before! From the content of the uber professional workbook and workshops, to the sisterhood, nothing has compared to this weekend and the bar has indeed been raised high!

Despite being partially sleep-deprived due to our early starts, it was worth every minute of fatigue. I've not met a more varied group of Muslims; hijabi or non-hijabi; PhD educated or non-PhD educated; early twenties or mid forties, everyone was just so welcoming and accepting of each other - something incredibly rare these days.

Dr Riza, Br Omar and all the female volunteers were amazing. And once again made us all feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you!
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Why Attend?

Inspiring Workshops

Attend, participate and engage in our workshops. All designed to help you find your best self.

Reflective Activities

A fun way to meet people.
And work together to solve challenging activities.

Spiritual Reminders

Disconnect from the world. And deepen your spiritual growth. By reflecting on the purpose of life.

Printable & Downloads

Preatria checklists, workbook and resources. That will help you build a good marriage.

And Much More

Plus, you'll be able to network and gain long-term friends with people from all over the UK.

About The Retreat

Welcome to The Premarital Retreat – Friday 20th to Monday 23rd May 2022. 

What You'll Get?

What I am sharing with you in this course is practical personal experiences and research developed over the past 30 years which includes my pre-marital years.

One of my greatest passions is seeing marriages work. I have interviewed many who are yet to get married, who are married, who are divorced or widowed, and had them share their best practices and their biggest regrets. They had opened up and shared many things they wished they had known before they got married.

Who's It For?

Premarital Retreat will give you the tools to create a long-lasting marriage.

This is for men and women that are:

  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Newly Weds



“Let us live for Allah. Let us love and like what He likes; let us dislike what He dislikes and hate what He hates. Let there be no territories carved up and no frontiers set up in serving Him. 

Let us passionately involve ourselves in our society to do His will, but still passionately let our hearts yearn for His pleasure. 

Similarly, let the life of the Prophet ﷺ live again in our lives. Let his message, his conduct, his goals, be our message, our conduct, and our goals. 

So, also, let nothing motivate us but an intense longing to please our Lord in the next world, and let that expectation give a decisive shape to our life here.

The hope of a meaningful future must lead us to confront the risks and overcome the tribulations that lie in living by His will in the totality of our existence. 

We, as Muslims, have but one option: to strive to change the world according to the model given to mankind by the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him.” 

Our Retreats Are Interactive Fun Inspiring

Explore Our Retreat Highlights


Useful Information


Friday 20th May (6pm) to Monday 23rd May 2022 (2pm)


Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire,
LE67 9SY


Markfield Conference Centre has dedicated residential facilities for participants


£149 Early bird offer £120
(£96 for TYLP members)
Includes tuition, course manual, accommodation & meals

Age Group

21 - 35
Year olds

We're not just a weekend retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Questions this retreat helps you find answers for


Who’s Speaking?

Maryam Lemu

Maryam Lemu

Founder of The Marriage Academy

Today, it has been 30 years of being totally happy, fulfilled, and committed to my husband and best friend.

It has been a journey of self-discovery, love, honesty, trust, and partnership.

It wasn’t easy but I would like to show you how we both fought for and invested in what we have today.

Dr Riza Mohammed

Dr Riza Mohammed

Co-Founder TYLP
Farooq Murad

Farooq Murad

Vice Chairman, ILM Trust
Dr Rayes Musthafa

Dr Rayes Musthafa

Consultant Pediatrician, Abrar ELC,
Karimah Mohammed

Karimah Mohammed

Policy Advisor - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, UK
  • TBC
Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan

Lecturer, Markfield Institute of Higher Education
  • TBC



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  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Includes All Workshops
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