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Feeling stuck or lost?

Feeling stuck in life and not fulfilling your potential can lead to depression and dissatisfaction.

Feeling depressed is like having a heavy weight on your heart that won’t let you live life to the fullest and it feels like you’re not living life to your full potential.

It can also mean you’re living life on the side-lines. Watching everyone else achieve their dreams, but not you. That makes you feel left behind and down on yourself.

Reach your full potential

Find Your Purpose

Programme is for those who want to know their purpose in life and how to find it

Make An Impact

Learn how to develop projects that make an impact

Get Mentored

Mentors will provide invaluable insights as well as guidance for navigating the professional world

Living A Meaningful life

You're Not Alone

We understand that when you’re working full-time. You can get stuck in a routine that doesn’t give you fulfilment.

That’s why we’ve developed three programmes, aimed at empowering you with them with knowledge, skills and confidence to be role models, changemakers and mentors.

Three Steps To Finding Yourself

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How We Can Help You

About TYLP

The Transform Your Life Programme provides three programmes that builds the skills, confidence and mindset to live an authentic life of purpose.

With our learning platform that gives people the tools they need to live a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling. We’re here to help you create your ideal life by providing courses, retreats and mentorship.

With a supportive community, you’ll explore your passions and step into your power.

Featured Learning Paths​



Transform Your Life Programme offers retreats to meet new people and experience life-changing events. Learn more about our retreats and how they will help you grow into the best version of yourself!

Online Courses

Learn how to live a life of happiness and fulfilment. Whether you want to reduce stress, be more successful or find a new direction for your life, we have the course for you.


Transform your life with mentorship. Get the guidance and support you need to grow and thrive by finding your potential and fulfilling your purpose.

Our Three Programmes

Courses designed to help you and others

Transform Your Life Programme

Become A Role Model

Transform Your Life Programme offers retreats to meet new people and experience life-changing events.

Learn more about our retreats and how they will help you grow into the best version of yourself!

Changemaker Programme

Make an impact

Do you have an idea for something that will make a difference in the world?

We’ve developed a programme that will teach you how to go from an idea to a project. That will help you make a positive impact. You’ll learn about the different types of changemakers and what it takes to become one.

You’ll also learn about the different skills you need. How to develop your own idea and what resources are available to help you. We want to give you the tools and resources needed so that you can start making a positive difference in the world today!

Mentorship Programme

Help Someone Reach Their Goals

Do you want to help someone reach their potential?

You could be the person they need in their life. We offer a Mentoring programme that teaches you how to become a mentor and how you can help someone else reach their potential.

You will learn how to be an effective mentor, how to build relationships with mentees, and how to set goals for your mentee’s future. We’ll even teach you how to create a personal development plan for yourself so that you can grow and thrive as a person too.


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