How to Setup a Business from Home

· August 14, 2020

A 6-week business workshop aims to help people set up businesses with minimal costs. Showing you from start to finish everything you need to do in a simple way. There are two main elements for a business to be successful: the owner and the business itself. In this workshop, we focus on coaching the business owner as well how to run a business. Delivered by a qualified business coach. Organised by the Caribbean Muslim Network (CMN).

The goals of the workshop are:
• To show you how to create a product/service people want
• To set up a business from home using free resources, including logo, social media profiles, online payment gateway, etc
• To set up a marketing plan that will attract customers to your business
• To see if your business idea will work and make money
• To coach you to have an entrepreneurial mindset

Due to Covid-19 the workshop will be offered as an online, interactive modularised workshop in August 2020. This workshop integrates live webinars and tutorials with rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities.

Through questioning and case studies participants will have opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. Also, participants will be having a Q & A with the qualified business coach to help guide you to build a successful business.

This workshop caters for Muslims who want to be financially independent by having their own business. This can be done part-time or full-time depending on your commitments.

Sunday 30th August 2020. Workshop will run for approx. 6 weeks.

The workshops will be delivered on Youtube and Zoom. There will also be recorded sessions available on the CMN LMS.

The structure of each session will be split into two:
1. Working on the mindset of the entrepreneur. And learning entrepreneurial skills.
2. Working on building the business.
3. Dates of Live Webinar will be every Sunday at 6pm from 30th August 2020.


Orientation Module (Online only)
Welcome to your Online Program
You’ll be welcomed to the workshop by a qualified business coach from the UK. Who will give you an overview of what a business is. What is required to set up an online business. And what will be covered in the workshops. This can help you decide if running a business is for you.

Mindset Coaching:
1. Applying the belief mindset: how to have the confidence and vision of highly successful people
2. Applying the action mindset: how to avoid procrastination and become productive by doing the right things
3. Adopting the educating mindset: how to share knowledge to empower others and your business
4. Applying the persevering mindset: how to keep yourself motivated through hard times

Business Coaching:
1. Creating a business and marketing plan
2. Creating social media profiles, logos and online presence to look professional
3. Creating a marketing funnel to drive traffic
4. Learning how to close sales like a pro
5. Learning how to organise your business so that it can grow big

The workshop will be delivered by Omar Tikrity, a qualified business coach and entrepreneur from the UK. You can read more about him on his linkedin:

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