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About TYLP

TYLP is a global network of faith inspired people. Through purpose-driven courses, mentorship and ventures, we empower everyone to become changemakers.


To empower everyone to become changemakers ​


To be the leading platform for faith inspired transformational human development.


Identify social and environmental problems and work collaboratively to advance the common good.

Our Values

TYLP changemakers are committed to values that encourage us to:

  • live God-centered lives
  • posess exemplary character
  • be role models and mentors
  • practice empathy
  • work collaboratively

TYLP Nutures Faith Inspired Changemakers who are

  1. Value-based and ethically driven citizens who have a well-grounded, balanced understanding of Islam.
  2. Possess the capacity to evaluate, form decisions and take action based on doctrinally grounded principles and beliefs, morals and ethics.
  3. Lifelong learners who devote time and energy to their personal and professional development.
  4. Role models who are God-conscious and empathetic; conscientious, morally upright and exemplary in character.
  5. Reflective practitioners who learn from experience, group work, as well as formal teaching.
  6. Strategic thinkers with creative ideas to shape and influence the future who take the initiative to bring about innovative change, local and systemic.

Our Learning Community

Our diverse global learning community is drawn from over 90 countries from the broadest social, political, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.


Join Our Community

We love for you to join our community. Together we can grow, develop and transform our societies.

  • Join the global community of changemakers
  • Enrol on our courses
  • Become a changemaker
  • Join our mentorship scheme
  • Volunteer to be a mentor
  • Volunteer to be a trainer and course developer
  • Organise events in your local community
  • Initiate and participate in changemaker projects
  • Encourage your organisation to partner with TYLP
  • Support the work of TYLP by volunteering
  • GIVE to TYLP to support its work.

TYLP Platform

What TYLP platform has to offer our members


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