Upcoming retreat

the premarital retreat with maryam lemu

A Four Day Masterclass Offers The Perfect Opportunity For Self-Development, Personal Growth, And Powerful Transformation.


Positive change is the key to creating a just and peaceful society

You can help Make positive change with TYLP’s Courses & Workshops. the courses will allow you to make a real impact

Upcoming Retreat

🏕️ The Premarital Retreat with Maryam Lemu

🗓️ Friday 20th May 2022 - Monday 23rd May 2022
🕖 18:00 - 19:00
📌 Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9SY

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We mentor you so you're never left alone

You will be a part of a likeminded community who want to bring about positive change. We can mentor and guide you through your personal journey, so that you are not left alone.

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Become the change you want to see around you.

Change starts with you first. Our courses will help you grow and transform, so that you can succeed in your projects as well as in your career. The courses will help you find a healthy balance in your life, so you can fulfil your personal and social obligations.

Four Reasons to Join TYLP

Get Free Training

Our courses focus on mastering skills and concepts instead of regurgitating facts.​

Get Mentored

Mentors can help assist with, organisational skills, further education options, application forms, career choices and interviews.

Get Certified

It’s about being the best YOU. Complete courses to get you qualified and certified.

Get Involved

Put your learning into action. And create the change you crave. TYLP can help you start or get involved with local projects.

Meet Sara

Sara wanted to find purpose and help improve the world around her. But she strongly felt she needed guidance and a confidence booster. Sara decided to  join TYLP and began to work her way through the various courses. Working alongside a mentor, she started to make positive changes that she did not think would be possible. 

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Finding a mentor...

Young people have what it takes to make a huge difference. Look at the companions of the Prophet (pbuh). Most of them were in their 20’s and made incredible changes that still impact us today. They had the best mentor, teacher and leader to help them in their spiritual and personal journey. 

Having the right mentor to guide you along your journey will help you reach your full potential. 

replacing old school thinking

Times have changed. But a lot of our leaders, systems and policies still have not embraced the world we live in now. 

You need to help create a change and shift to new ideas. A new way of thinking. New initiatives. New ideas. How will you start to  make a positive change?

rise above and make a difference.

The world we live in now is immersed in global wars, discrimination, conflict, injustice and environmental crisis.  How can we help change this for the better? 

We need solutions. We need people who are passionate and motivated to create change. If we do not act now, the future for us and those that we love looks bleak and frightening. 

Dr Riza Mohammed

Editor of the international bestseller, ‘In The Early Hours: A guide to spiritual and self development‘ set up TYLP, a non-profit organisation. Dr Riza Mohammed is encouraging young people to step forward and become change makers. He strongly believe we can all come together to solve local and global issues.

Four Courses To Start Your Journey

Although we have over 70 courses that will help with your personal journey and allow you to become a change-maker, we recommend you start with the four courses below.

The four courses will help transform your ideas into action. 

Explore the World

Course 1: Changing Yourself

This course is all about you. It will help you understand yourself better and aims to help you find your purpose. You will find exercises, tools and recourses that will help answer important personal life questions.

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Course 2: Changing The World

This course takes you on a practical journey on how to plan and set your project up. It provides you with powerful tools that you can use to really understand the problems you want to solve and how you can solve them either by yourself or with a team.

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Course 3: Plan To Action

This course is about executing the plan you created in the course, 'Changing the World'. We give you a project management framework which will encourage you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

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Course 4: Mentoring

If you have ever wanted to empower others and help people reach their goals, then you should consider becoming a TYLP mentor. You will learn how to guide people to reach their full potential.

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